Henning's Hardtail

Goal: Hardtail for Training in "easy" terrain.

20. 1.: Seat Post, Pedals

Seat Post: Syntace P6 31.6x400

Pedals: Eggbeater 4ti, what else

1. 2.: Seat Post Clamp

Custom, Carbon + Titanium, by coparni.

19. 2.: Stem and Grips

Syntace F99 120mm, titanium screws

Procraft Superlite

22. 2.: Tires

Schwalbe Furios Fred 2.0. Fit well for easy terrain, when I go to real terrain I'll either use the fully or at least its wheelset.

23. 2.: Wheelset

DT Swiss 240s, al nippels, DT Revolution on the front wheel, rear DT Revo/Comp mix, ZTR Olympic rims.

24. 2.: Crankset

FSA K-Force light MTB. Not going to use bottom bracket and chain rings.

and then... tuning. took a while.

Chainrings: FRM pro

Bottom Bracket: XTR 970, leaving the quill out, not needed with closed housings. Two more spacers needed, total 86g.

and finally all together. Crankset with Bottom Bracket: 710g.

28. 2.: Brakes

Magura Marta SL. Tuning: al-screws for the handle mount, ti-screws for caliper and rotor. tube not shortened on the pictures, minus 8g.

9. 3.: Front Derailleur

Shimano FD-M953 34.9 DP. Tuning: Al-screws

9. 3.: Cassette, Rear Derailleur

Shimano CS-M970 11-32.

Shimano RD-M972 SGS.

28. 3.: Handle Bar

Syntace Duraflite Carbon, old (light and beautiful) version

14. 4.: Barends, Barplugs, Magnet

XLC Prolite

Syntace CRB

Tune Pulsar

somewhen in between: Seat

Tune Speedneedle

2. 7.: Frame. Finally!

NoSaint MaxAri Carbon, 19"

11. 7.: Headset, Chain, Bottle Cage

Headset: Tune BuBu

Chain: Shimano CN-7900. It is a 10-speed but works fine for 9-speed, even tho Shimano doesn't admit that. Gear shifting is even smoother than with the well known 7701, and it is lighter. After shortening 241g.

Bottle Cage: of course... Tune Wasserträger

15. 7.: Shifters

Shimano XTR SL-M970, before and after tuning

the fork drama

The fork I want is not available for at least 6 more weeks since the vendor is desperately waiting for some parts.

So - the overweight Reba comes to use again.

The Reba has an IS2000 mount for the brake caliper, the intended fork has Postmount of course. And it turns out that all marta calipers I have are IS long (gives 180mm front or 160mm rear) or Postmount, but not one IS short (160mm front or 140mm rear). And since I completely forgot that PM->IS adapters exist that do not add 20mm so that I could have used the PM caliper with IS adaptor and 160mm disk, aside from the fact that I hate that adaptor shit, well, I ended up using a 180mm rotor for the time being. Grrrr.


2. 7., no headset yet

2. 7., stem, handle bar, brakes, seat post and seat added

2. 7., derailleurs

15. 7., headset and shifters

15. 7., cable routing is nice, not much shell needed

15. 7., XTR cables, 11g cut off later

15. 7., cable routing done

16. 7., done so far - until the planned fork arrives

September 25, 2009, 418km: Brake Pads front

front brake pads needed replacing. the ones in there originally were not new so they did last longer than these 418kms. put another pair in that i had laying around, look almost new.

November 19, 2009, 581km: Fork, Speedneedle Alcantara

Finally the fork arrived.

weight shortened is 1326g.
10g to win with the lighter speedneedle, always welcome :)

December 24, 2009, 680km: Custom screw for Crankset

The date is coincidence...

Custom Al screw instead of the standard steel one. Not good for getting the crank arm on the spindle, but good for fixating it there afterwards. Saves 20g (yes, really!).

December 25, 2009, 680km: replace ratchets

rear hub: replace the standard 18T ratchets by the new 36T ratchets. In this case the 10 saved grams are just a nice side effect.

April 14, 2010, 827km: new Skewers

Tune DC 16 + DC 17, 36g

April 21, 2010, 903km: chainring bolts

They broke while riding. Utterly surprised. Replacement ones on their way.

April 28, 2010, 980km: pedals

Eventually I disliked the gold on the 4ti enough to go for custom eggbeaters.

August 11, 2010, 1572km: seat post, handle bar

AX Lightness managed to get post and bar to me as ordered on the second attempt.

August 13, 2010, 1572km: new chain

chain was due for replacement.

September 5, 2010, 1710km: new wheels

the existing 240s hubs, rebuilt with ZTR Alpine and CXray. New set of tires (same model, but selected and thus lighter) at the same time.

November 7, 2010, 1798km: new brake rotors

The shiny new Magura Storm SL rotors. Going down to 140mm in the back. Thus also changing the rear brake caliper to an IS short one.

May 8, 2011, 2057km: hub maintainance

Front hub fully disassembled, re-greased and reassembled. Rear only re-greased, don't have the ring nut tool. All bearings in good shape.

Jun 13, 2011, 2325km: rebuilding eggbeaters

New bushings, bearings, sealings, grease

Part list

Frame NoSaint MaxAri Carbon, 19" 1025g
cable routing parts 16g
Fork Magura Durin 80SL 2010 1326g
Headset Tune Bubu 77g
Aheadcap + Screw comes with headset
Ahead clamp Tune GumGum, comes with headset
Spacer carbonice 5mm 2g
Stem Syntace F99 ti 103g
Handle bar AX Lightness Poseidon 590mm 85g
Bar plugs -
Bar ends XLC pro lite 59g
Grips Procraft Superlite 14g
Seat Speedneedle Alcantara 84g
Seat post AX Lightness Europa 31,6x350 139g
Seat post clamp carbon + ti bolt by coparni 5g
Skewers Tune DC 16 + 17 36g
wheels 240s (rear tuned) + CXray + ZTR Alpine 1357g36T ratchets
Tubes Stan's Notubes Tubelesskit 140g
Tires Schwalbe Furious Fred 2.0 591g
Crankset FSA K-force light tuned, FRM rings 605gcleaned, custom spindle screw
Bottom Bracket XTR tuned 86gohne huelse
Pedals Crank Bros Eggbeater custom 152g
Cassette XTR CS-M970 11-32 223g
Chain Shimano CN-7900 241g
Shifters XTR SL-M970 tuned 213gal screws
Rear Derailleur XTR RD-M972 182g
Front Derailleur XTR FD-M953 tuned 120gal screws
Bowden shells Shimano SP41, sealed caps 29g
Bowden cables Shimano XTR 24g
Front Brake Magura Marta SL 2008 PM tuned 226gal+ti screws
Rear Brake Magura Marta SL 2008 IS short tuned 233gal+ti screws
Brake Rotor Front Magura Storm SL 160mm 95g
Brake Rotor Rear Magura Storm SL 140mm 76g
Protection foil 16g
Bottle Cage Tune Wasserträger 9g
ComputerSpeed sensor and mounting stuff for Sigma BC2006, magnet Tune Pulsar25g
Total Weight 7603g